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... you’re sitting underneath the ancient archway with a special
someone, your skin still smelling like the sun, while the bricks
are radiating off the heat of the day… you’re talking about all
the world and his brother until the wee hours of the morning,
never taking your eyes off that breathtaking sky full of stars,
and somewhere down there there’s the city lights… little shadows
on the wall from the flickering candle light, while you are
toasting the stars and finishing off the remains of your pizza...
the clattering of dishes from the kitchen, the soft murmur of a
conversation near the campfire, giggling, some guitar chords and
the warbled tune of “Yesterday” rising up into the soft night air...
and maybe those cicadas could tone it down a little, but whatever
– the main thing is, we’re here and it’s summer at Uomo Morto...